Qu'est-ce que le cancer du col de l'utérus ?

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**What is Cervical Cancer?**

**Q: What is cervical cancer?**

**A:** ⁣Cervical cancer is a type of cancer that develops in ‌the ‍cells of the ‍cervix, the lower, narrow end of the uterus that ​connects ‍to ‍the vagina.

**Q: What is the leading cause of ‌cervical⁢ cancer?**

**A:** The vast majority of cervical⁣ cancers (about 99%) are​ caused by the⁢ human papillomavirus (HPV), ⁢a common sexually transmitted infection.

**Q: What are the⁢ risk factors for⁣ cervical cancer?**

**A:** Risk factors for cervical cancer include:

* HPV infection, especially​ persistent infection with⁤ high-risk ‍HPV types

* Multiple sexual partners

* Weakened immune ⁣system (e.g., due to HIV)

* Prolonged use of oral contraceptives

* Smoking

**Q: What are the ​symptoms of cervical‍ cancer?**

**A:** In ‍the early stages, cervical cancer often‌ has ​no symptoms. As it progresses, symptoms may ‍include:

* Irregular vaginal ⁢bleeding

* Painful intercourse

* Pelvic pain

* Fatigue

**Q:⁣ How is cervical cancer diagnosed?**

**A:** Cervical cancer can be diagnosed through⁢ a variety of methods, including:

* Pap⁣ smear (cervical ⁤screening test)

* HPV test

* Colposcopy (examination of the cervix with a microscope)

* Biopsy (removal of a​ tissue sample for examination)

**Q: What are ⁢the‌ treatment options for cervical cancer?**

**A:** Treatment options‍ for cervical cancer depend on the stage of ⁣the cancer and may include:

* Surgery (removal​ of the ⁢cervix​ or uterus)

* Radiation therapy

* ‌Chemotherapy

* Immunotherapy

**Q: Can cervical cancer be prevented?**

**A:** Cervical cancer can largely be‍ prevented through:

* HPV vaccination (recommended ⁣for all children and adolescents)

* Regular Pap ⁢smears and HPV testing

* Safe sexual practices (e.g., use of condoms)

**Q: What​ is the prognosis for ⁢cervical cancer?**

**A:** The prognosis​ for cervical cancer varies ⁤depending​ on the stage of the cancer. With early detection⁣ and treatment, the prognosis is⁣ generally good.

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