Qu'est-ce qu'un neurologue ?

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Neuro» Psychologist **Neuropsychologist**

A neuropsychologist is a healthcare ​provider ⁣who specializes in how brain conditions ‍affect behavior​ and cognitive skills. [[1]] This ⁣includes things like general⁣ intellect, attention and concentration, processing ‌speed,‍ language ⁤skills, learning ‌and memory ⁢abilities, ⁤and reasoning ‍and‍ problem-solving. [[2]]

Neuropsychologists⁣ use testing‍ and analysis to investigate how ​changes in the ‌brain impact behavior and thought processes.‌ [[3]] They work with people of all ages, from ​children to adults.‌ [[2]]

Neuropsychologists can help with‌ a variety of conditions, including:

* Brain injuries

* Dementia

* Epilepsy

* Learning disabilities

* ⁤Mental health disorders

* ⁤Neurological disorders

* Stroke

Neuropsychologists can provide assessment, diagnosis,⁤ and ‌treatment for these conditions. They can also work with families and caregivers to provide support and education. [[2]]

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