Qu'est-ce que l'obstétrique?

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**Question: ‍What is‌ Obstetrics?**


Obstetrics is ‍a specialized branch of medicine that⁢ focuses ⁣on the care of pregnant women, their fetuses, and newborns. This⁢ field covers all aspects of pregnancy, from preconception consultation through labor and delivery,⁢ as well as monitoring​ the⁣ health of the mother and ​the developing baby.

**Scope⁢ of Obstetrics:**

Obstetricians, also known as ​OB-GYNs (obstetrician-gynecologists), provide a comprehensive range ‍of services during pregnancy, including:

* **Preconception ⁣counseling:** Assessing risk factors, conducting medical ‍exams, ⁢and providing guidance for optimal maternal health.

* **Prenatal ⁢care:** Monitoring the mother’s and baby’s⁤ health throughout trimesters, performing screenings,‍ and ⁤offering support.

* **High-risk pregnancy management:**⁢ Managing‌ pregnancies with complications ⁢such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, ⁣and twin pregnancies.

* **Labor and delivery:** Assisting women during⁤ labor and childbirth, offering pain relief, and⁢ ensuring the safety of both​ mother and baby.

* **Postpartum care:** Providing‌ care to⁤ women after delivery, monitoring recovery, and offering breastfeeding support.

* **Neonatal ⁤care:** Examining ⁢newborns for health issues, monitoring growth, and ‌providing initial care.


*​ Obstetrics

* Pregnancy

* Fetal development

* Labor and delivery

* Prenatal ‍care

* Postpartum care

* Neonatal care


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