Biology: This is a natural science that studies life and living organisms, including their physical structure, chemical composition, function, development, and evolution.

What Is an Immunologist?


immunologists treat health issues brought on by immune system problems. Also known as allergists, immunologists are doctors who diagnose, treat, and work to prevent immune system disorders. You may see an immunologist if you have food or seasonal allergies, hay fever, eczema, or an…

What is a biologist?

biologist, biologiste, عالم احياء

A biologist is a scientist who conducts research in biology. Biologists are interested in studying life on Earth, whether it is an individual cell, a multicellular organism, or a community of interacting populations. They usually specialize in a particular branch (e.g., molecular biology, zoology, and evolutionary biology) of biology and have a specific research focus (e.g., studying malaria or cancer).…

What is a Senologist?


A senologist is a doctor, usually specialized in oncology, who deals in the study of diseases that affect the breast, with a focus on cancers that affect this part of the body. What is synology? Senology is the branch of…

What is a Neurologist?


A Neurologist is a specialized doctor in diagnosing, treating, and managing disorders of the brain and nervous system including, but not limited to, Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), concussion, epilepsy, migraine, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke. This specialism…

What does a microbiologist do?


A microbiologist’s primary role is to study the microorganisms that cause infections, to understand how they work and how they can enhance the quality of human life.  They aim to identify how to control, prevent, and diagnose diseases by studying…

What Is a Histologist and How to Become?


A histologist also referred to as a histology technician or histotechnician, prepares tissue samples for a pathologist to study. As a histologist, you are specially trained to cut models from organs or other pieces of tissue and stain them with…