How-To: This category usually involves practical guides and advice on a variety of topics. In a health context, this could include guides on how to perform self-examinations, how to manage chronic diseases, how to perform basic first aid, or how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Getting started with your first review


What kind of places can I review on Adoctor?  While many people think that Adoctor is only for reviewing Doctors, we have many categories that users can check – almost anything you have a local experience or interaction with (although there…

How to get started on Adoctor?

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Congratulations on your new business, and welcome to Adoctor! Once you’ve claimed your business, you can get started on Adoctor to attract new, high-intent customers by building your Adoctor Business Page. Many people use Adoctor every day to search for Doctors,…

How do I claim a business page?

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Claiming your first business page The easiest way to claim your business page is to search for it at  We’ll walk you through all the steps to claim your page and set up your business account if you start there. If…

How to add a business to adoctor?

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Listing a business on Adoctor is super simple. Anyone can do it—whether you’re a patient zero who was one of the first customers at a new dentist office, or you’re the owner of a clinic who is just starting in…