How to add a business to adoctor?

Listing a business on Adoctor is super simple. Anyone can do it—whether you’re a patient zero who was one of the first customers at a new dentist office, or you’re the owner of a clinic who is just starting in the area.

If you’re a customer

Do a search on for the business. Confirm that a listing does not already exist, and then select “Add A Listing.” Provide as much information about the company—exact name, address (if applicable), hours, and website. All submitted business details must be verified by Adoctor moderators who check several sources to confirm the business information. The more information you provide when adding a Listing to Adoctor, the faster it will be approved and appear in search results. This typically takes two business days or less.

If you have a friend or family member who owns a business, let them know to add their business to Adoctor for free. You can even help them out by setting it up for them. If you’re not sure if their business belongs on Adoctor, do a search for what they offer and see if anything similar pops up or check out Adoctor complete category list and look for the relevant business category. 

If you’re the business owner

If you are the actual business owner, you can add your business to Adoctor by following the same steps as above, plus you can indicate in that process that you own this business. If a business page already exists for your business, your next step is to claim the business as your own so you can update your page as needed.

Claiming your business on Adoctor

If you are the business owner and already have an Adoctor Page, you can claim your business by creating a free account. The easiest ways to begin the claim process are:

  1. Visit
  2. Click the “Manage my free listing” button in the right margin near the top of this blog page.
  3. Click the “Claim This Business” button on the business’s Adoctor Page.

Once you’ve claimed your business, you can begin adding or updating information about your business, responding to reviews, and more—these are all free Adoctor for Business tools.

You can also release ownership of a business or unclaim a company if necessary (see common questions below).

Creating a complete Adoctor Business Page

Once the business has been added to Adoctor or you—the business owner—have claimed your existing page, you’ll want to complete your profile and add images to show off yourself, your staff, and the services or products you provide. Caption those photos, too—it will help your business appear in relevant search results. Adding as much information about your business as possible will help your SEO (search engine optimization) value on the Adoctor site overall. 

Your Adoctor business user account has many free features to help you tell the story of your business and entice potential customers.

After your business page is claimed and you’ve added information about your business, the last thing you’ll want to do is download the Adoctor for Business app and manage your email and app notifications to ensure you receive alerts when you receive new reviews or direct messages from potential customers. Being responsive to feedback and inquiries is a great way to spread the word about your business and engage with your ideal customers. 

As your business changes and evolves—maybe you changed your operating hours, or you put new safety protocols in place—you can update your page at any time. 

Note: If you’re a consumer and see an Adoctor Business Page with inaccurate information, feel free to submit suggested changes. Our moderators will verify the information and update the listing as applicable. 

Common questions

Q: When should I add my business to Adoctor?

A: Adoctor Pages should be created once the business appears in search results when customers can visit and/or use the services. However, if you’re in the process of opening a business and have a scheduled open date, you can submit the company up to a month before the available date.

Q: What if someone else has already claimed the business?

A: If a business has been claimed by someone else but not accessed within the past 90 days, you can claim the page yourself by visiting Adoctor and searching for your business name and zip code. If the page cannot be claimed, and you are unsure who has claimed the business, provide the business name and city, and our support team will connect with you. 

Q: What if I need to claim multiple businesses?

A: Once you have claimed a business page, you can claim additional locations or businesses by going to Account Information and selecting “Add another location.”

Q: What if there are multiple/duplicate listings for a business on Adoctor? 

A: A business should only have one listing per location on Adoctor. If there are duplicate listings for one company, you can report the duplicate pages.

Q: Can I unclaim my business?

A: If you’ve claimed a business page but no longer want to take ownership of managing the page, you can unclaim the page. You will often want to transfer ownership to another individual or share account ownership with someone else while still maintaining access. 

Q: I’m a business owner—can I call someone at Adoctor to help me with this?

A: The Adoctor support line is open Saturday-Tuesday from 6 am-6 pm PT at 0542921517. You can also email [email protected]. If you are an existing Adoctor customer, you can reach your designated support team by calling the phone number in the upper right corner of your business user account or emailing.

Q: If I add a business to Adoctor as a consumer, should I write a review?

A: It’s helpful to share a review of your experience, including valuable information about things like the service, the location, and the ambiance. Or maybe you have a particular perspective worth sharing? Do they offer gluten-free options, or is it a family-friendly environment?

Note: If you’re a business owner, you should not write a review for your own business, and you should not ask friends, family, or customers to write reviews either. Not only is it against our content guidelines, but it may result in your Adoctor presence being perceived as untrustworthy. The reviews on your page should be motivated by a customer’s desire to share their actual, first-hand experiences. As a business owner, you should focus on completing your Adoctor Page, including as much information as possible—from your business description to photos and photo captions.

**How to Add a Business to ADoctor**

**Question: How do I add ​my business to ADoctor?**

**Answer:** Follow ⁢these steps to add ​your healthcare business to ADoctor’s directory:

**Keyword-Optimized Content:**

* **Step 1: Create an Account**

* Visit ADoctor’s website ( and click “Healthcare Businesses” in the top menu.

‍* Click “Join Us” and create⁤ a free account by completing the online form.

* **Step 2: Add Your Business Information**

* Click “Add Listing”⁢ and select ⁣the “Business Listing” option.

* Provide detailed ⁣information about your‌ business, including:

⁣ * Name, address, phone number, ⁣and website

* Business category (e.g., Doctor’s Office, Dental Clinic)

* Specialty (e.g., Cardiology, Dentistry)

*⁤ **Step⁢ 3: Upload Photos and Videos**

* Showcase your business by uploading high-quality photos ​and‌ videos to give patients‌ a visual representation.

* Images should be clear, informative, and relevant to your⁢ services.

* **Step 4: Customize Your Page**

* Describe your business’s mission, values, and unique features.

* Highlight any special services or certifications you⁤ offer.

* Optimize your page with relevant keywords to ‌improve visibility in search results.

* **Step 5: Submit ‍for Approval**

* Once you have completed your listing, submit it for approval.

* ADoctor will review your information and approve your listing within 5 business days.

**Additional Tips:**

* **Provide Comprehensive Information:** Include ⁤detailed descriptions of your services, insurance accepted, and appointment information.

* **Use Clear and Concise Language:** Write your business description in a way that is easy for patients to understand.

* **Proofread Carefully:** Ensure that​ your listing is free of errors and that‌ all information is ⁢accurate⁣ and up-to-date.

* **Utilize Keywords:** Incorporate relevant keywords into your business description to enhance search engine visibility.

* **Monitor and Update Regularly:** Keep your listing updated with ⁣any changes in your‌ business information to provide‍ the most accurate representation⁤ to patients.


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