Why can’t some business pages be claimed?

If your business page doesn’t have the Is this your business? or the Work here? Claim this business link, then:

  • The business page may have recently been submitted and is still pending approval
  • The business page may have already been claimed by one of your colleagues

We can add additional users to an existing business account with the consent of the person who initially claimed it. However, we can’t share the name of the person who has already claimed the account due to privacy concerns, so if you don’t know who claimed this page, you’ll need to pursue the matter internally to find out.

If none of the above has worked, don’t hesitate to contact our Support team.

**Why Can’t Some‍ Business ​Pages ⁢Be Claimed?**


If‌ you’re ​the owner or representative of a ⁢business, claiming‌ your business pages on online directories ⁤and ‌platforms is‌ crucial ⁤for managing your online presence. However, ‌in certain cases, ⁢you may encounter difficulties ⁤claiming pages for ​your business. This article delves into the various reasons why some ​business​ pages can’t be claimed.

**Eligibility⁣ Requirements Not​ Met:**

* **Business Type or Size:** Certain platforms have ⁤eligibility criteria for businesses based on‍ their type or size. For instance, ​independent ‌professionals or small businesses ⁢below a specific revenue or employee threshold may not be eligible to claim pages.

* ⁢**Physical Business Requirement:** Some directories⁢ require businesses to have a physical street address. If your business operates solely online or serves customers remotely, you may not be able ⁤to claim a page.

**Duplicate or Suspended Pages:**

* **Duplicate Pages:**⁤ If multiple pages have⁣ already been created​ for your business, claiming an ⁣additional⁢ page may​ not ⁣be possible. ‌This can happen due to customer误会 or third-party listings.

* **Suspended Pages:** If a page ⁤for your business ⁤has been reported or suspended for ‌violating‌ platform​ guidelines (e.g., fake reviews, ⁢inappropriate content), ⁢you may‍ not be able to claim⁤ it immediately. Contact the platform support‍ team to resolve the issue.

**Official or Verified Representation:**

* **Official Business Profile:** Some platforms prioritize official business profiles provided by⁤ authorized representatives. If the platform⁤ has an existing‌ partnership‍ with your business ‍or has verified your‍ business ⁤using official documentation,⁣ you may not be able to create a duplicate page.

* **Verified Status:** For certain businesses (e.g., schools, government agencies), platforms may⁤ require a verification process before allowing page claims. If your business has not gone through this process, claiming a page may be temporarily unavailable.

**Technical Limitations:**

* **Rate Limits:** Online directories may impose rate limits on ‌page claims,⁢ especially for businesses with multiple locations. If you have attempted to claim‌ a large number of pages in a short period, you may encounter temporary restrictions.

* **System Maintenance:** Occasionally, platforms may undergo maintenance, which can affect the ability to ⁤claim business pages. Try ⁤again later ⁣or contact the support team if errors persist.


Understanding the reasons ⁤why some ‍business pages can’t be ⁢claimed is essential for ‌effectively managing your business’s online ‍presence. By addressing eligibility requirements, resolving⁤ duplicate or suspended pages, verifying official representation, and ⁤considering​ technical limitations, you ⁢can increase the likelihood of successfully claiming ⁣and managing your ⁢business pages on‍ various online directories ​and platforms.

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