Why isn’t the business page I added appearing when I search for it?

When you add a business to Adoctor, it has to be evaluated by our moderators before it appears in search results. If you added a business recently but you can’t find it in search, it’s likely that it still has to be evaluated – please don’t submit the same business multiple times.

This process may take a while depending on our ability to independently verify any submissions, and we will sometimes reject a submission if we’re unable to independently confirm the business or if the business isn’t eligible for Adoctor.

**Q: Why Isn’t My Business Page Appearing When I Search for It?**

**A:** Optimizing your business page for search visibility involves⁣ several factors. Troubleshooting this issue requires checking the following aspects:

**1. Visibility Settings:**

* Ensure your business page is **public** and⁢ **visible** to everyone.

* Confirm that the page’s **status** is set to **Published**.

**2. Correct Search:**

* Use **precise search terms**, including your ⁢business⁣ name, location, and industry.

* Employ local⁢ search⁢ modifiers like “near​ me”⁤ or “in [city]”.

**3. Indexing Status:**

* Check if Google has **indexed** your page. Use the search operator “site:[your business URL]” to ⁤verify.

* If not indexed, submit your page to Google using the **Google Search Console**.

**4. Relevance and Keywords:**

* Optimize your ‍business page’s content ​with **relevant keywords**.

* Include your⁤ business name, location,​ and industry keywords prominently.

* Use **high-quality content** that provides value to users.

**5. Local SEO Factors:**

* Ensure your business page’s **NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number)** ⁢is consistent across all online listings.

* Create **citations** on local directories and websites relevant to your industry.

* Engage in **local social media marketing**.

**6. Google My Business Profile:**

* **Create or claim a Google My Business profile** and ensure it’s complete and up-to-date.

* Verify your business to **enhance credibility**.

* Use **Google Posts** to interact with potential ⁣customers.

**7. External Content ‌Verification:**

* Link to your⁤ business page from your **website and social media profiles**.

* Encourage **customer reviews** on your⁣ page,⁢ as positive reviews can boost visibility.

**8. Server‍ Issues ‍or DNS Propagation:**

* Check⁣ if any technical **server issues** or DNS propagation ⁤delays are affecting your page’s visibility.

**9. Algorithm Updates:**

*‍ Google’s search algorithm is ⁢constantly evolving. ‌Monitor any **recent algorithm updates** that may have impacted your page’s​ ranking.

**10. Patience and Persistence:**

* Optimizing for search results takes ‍time and consistent effort.

* Be patient and continue to **update your page**, build backlinks, and engage with potential customers.


  1. You didn’t add it to your navigation, so many users don’t know it is there. Include a page link somewhere on the home page.

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