How do I claim a business page?

Claiming your first business page

The easiest way to claim your business page is to search for it at 

We’ll walk you through all the steps to claim your page and set up your business account if you start there.

If there is no option to claim the page:

Suppose you cannot claim your Business using phone verification. In that case, you’ll receive a prompt to submit a report to our Support team, which will include information about your Business and the time of the attempt our support team can use to assist you.

Claiming another location

Once you have a business account and have claimed a business page, you can claim additional pages in adoctor for Business.

  1. Go to the Account Settings page
  2. Go to the Additional Options section and click Add another location

**How to Claim a Business Page: A Comprehensive Guide**


In today’s ⁤digital landscape, having an online presence ⁤is crucial ⁢for businesses to reach their target audience. Claiming a ‍business page on popular directories ⁤and social media‍ platforms ⁢can significantly boost ‌your ⁤visibility, connect with customers,‌ and generate leads. This guide will provide you with a‌ comprehensive ​walkthrough of how to claim ⁢your business page​ and ⁢unlock ⁤its benefits.

**Step 1: Identify ​Business Page Directories:**

The first step is to research and identify the relevant business page directories where you want to claim ​your listing. Some popular options include:

* Google My Business

* Yelp

* Bing Places

* ⁣Tripadvisor

* Yellow Pages

**Step 2: Search for Your Listing:**

Visit the websites of these‍ directories and use the search bar ​to ‌check⁢ if your business ⁤is already listed. If it is, proceed to⁢ claim ‌the page. If it’s not, you will need to ‌create a ⁣new listing.

**Step 3: Claim‍ Your ​Page:**

Once you find your business listing, click on the⁤ “Claim ⁣This Business” or “Manage This Business”​ button. You will be ⁢asked to provide proof of ‍ownership, such as your business license ⁢number or tax‌ ID.

**Step 4: Verify Your Business:**

The verification process may ⁢vary depending on the directory. Some ⁣directories ​will send you a verification ⁣code ⁣via email or phone, while others require you‌ to provide additional documentation. Follow the ‌prompts carefully ​to verify your business.

**Step 5: Update Your Business Information:**

Once your business ​is verified, you will be⁣ able to update‍ and manage the information on your page. This includes your:

* Business name

*‌ Address

* Phone number

* Website

* Business hours

* Business description

**Step 6: ⁢Optimize Your ​Page:**

To improve your search ⁢engine visibility and customer engagement, ⁣optimize ​your business page by:

* Adding high-quality photos and videos

* Getting customer⁤ reviews‌ and ratings

* Posting regular updates and content

* Responding​ to inquiries and messages

**Step‍ 7: Promote Your Page:**

Share your business page on social media channels, in email campaigns, and on your website to drive traffic and increase awareness. Encourage customers to leave reviews and interact with⁢ your content.


Claiming a ⁣business​ page on relevant directories is a crucial ⁢step in ‌building your online presence and promoting your business. By following the ⁣steps​ outlined in this ​guide, ‌you can verify and optimize your listing, ​improve your search rankings, and connect with more potential customers. Remember ⁢to keep your page updated and engaging to ‍maximize its effectiveness.


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