How to get started on Adoctor?

Congratulations on your new business, and welcome to Adoctor! Once you’ve claimed your business, you can get started on Adoctor to attract new, high-intent customers by building your Adoctor Business Page. Many people use Adoctor every day to search for Doctors, and they’re ready to visit, so let’s make sure you’re as visible as possible when they search for businesses like yours.

Update your business information

Your business information is the heart of your Adoctor Business page, from your address to your specialties. You can update this info in your Adoctor for Business account. Updating your page will make your business more attractive to customers—companies with a complete adoctor page see 135% more page views on average.

Basic information

To get started, confirm that your business name, address, and phone number are all correct. You’ll also want to include your business’s website, add your hours of operation.

Depending on your business category, you can also add a menu or service area to show customers how far you’re willing to travel for a job.

Categories and services

You can only choose one category that best describes your business—choose from hundreds of options as it will help customers find you in search. Within each category you choose, you can also add services and offerings to help consumers know more about what you offer.


This section can specify details that help customers see how your business operates and what type of experience they can expect. This includes attributes like Free Wi-Fi, Accepts Apple Pay, Wheelchair Accessible, and more.

From this business

This section contains three parts to help your customers get to know you, your background, and your business better.


Here you can describe what you do exceptionally well. Let your customers know what you’re all about and what you specialize in.


Tell your customers what year your business started and the story of how it all began.


Also called Meet the Owner/Manager, this is where you can say hello to your customers and tell them why you’re passionate about the work you do.

Add photos of your business

People assess with their eyes, which is why adding photos to your business account is crucial—especially high-quality ones. On average, businesses with at least one image receive 140% more page views compared to businesses without any photos*. Customers love seeing what sets you apart from the competition, so make sure to upload pictures that best represent your business. There is no limit to the number of photos you can upload through your adoctor for Business account, and you don’t even need a fancy camera—a simple smartphone will do.

Connect with customers

There are many ways to discover, connect, and engage with customers on adoctor, whether they are your biggest fan or your next biggest fan.

Respond to reviews

Once you start getting your first few reviews, be sure to respond to that feedback—whether it’s positive or critical.

Have a satisfied customer? Thank them for their praise. It’s a great opportunity to respond publicly, letting potential customers know that you strive to make your customers happy.

Come across a customer who had an issue? It’s best to respond to find out what went wrong and how you can make their experience better next time. Plus, our research shows Yelp users are 33% more likely to upgrade their review if a business owner responds with a personalized message within a day.

Also, please remember not to ask your customers for reviews on Adoctor—we have a strict policy against soliciting reviews.

##⁢ How to Get Started on ADoctor: ⁤A Comprehensive Guide with SEO‌ Optimization

### What⁢ is ADoctor?

**ADoctor** is an online healthcare platform that connects patients with ‍licensed physicians for virtual medical‌ consultations and prescriptions. It offers convenience, affordability, and accessibility to healthcare services from ⁣the⁣ comfort‌ of one’s home.

### How to‍ Get Started on ADoctor

**Step ​1:‍ Create an Account**

Visit‍ the ADoctor website or download the mobile app. Click on ⁢”Create Account” and provide ​your basic information, including ⁣your name, email, and phone ‍number.

**Step 2: Verify Your Identity**

For ⁣security and compliance reasons, ADoctor will⁢ ask you to verify your identity by submitting a government-issued ID. This‌ helps ensure⁣ that only legitimate ‍users access the platform.

**Step 3: Select a ⁤Doctor**

Browse the directory of⁢ ADoctor physicians, filter by specialty,⁢ location, and ⁤availability.‍ You can view their profiles, read reviews, and choose the⁣ one you prefer.

**Step 4: Book‍ a Consultation**

Select the type of consultation you ‍need ⁣(e.g.,⁢ general medicine, dermatology, mental health).‍ Choose a ⁣date and time that ⁣works for​ you. ADoctor will send‍ you a ⁣confirmation email with⁤ the meeting details.

**Step ‍5: Get Your Consultation**

At the scheduled​ time, join your consultation via video call. Describe your ‌symptoms or concerns ‌to the doctor. The ⁢doctor will examine you virtually, ask relevant questions, and provide ⁢a diagnosis.

**Step 6: Get Your Prescription (if needed)**

If the doctor ⁤prescribes ‌any medication, they will send it to your preferred pharmacy.‌ You can⁤ pay for the ⁢prescription online through ADoctor’s secure payment system.

### Additional Tips

* **Check insurance coverage:** Some insurance companies may cover ⁣ADoctor consultations. Contact your⁢ insurance provider to inquire.

* **Prepare for your consultation:**‌ Gather any relevant ​medical records, symptoms you’re​ experiencing, and a⁣ list⁣ of​ current ‌medications.

* **Be⁣ open⁣ and‍ honest with your doctor:** The more⁣ information you provide, the better the doctor can diagnose ⁤and treat‍ your condition.

* ‌**Ask questions:** Don’t hesitate⁤ to ⁣ask​ your‍ doctor any questions or⁢ concerns you may have.

### ‍Conclusion

Getting started​ on ADoctor is a simple and convenient process. By⁤ following these steps, you can access quality healthcare ‌from‌ the ​comfort of your home. ‍ADoctor empowers patients with greater access to healthcare,‍ reduces⁢ wait ‍times, and improves health outcomes.


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