Qu'est-ce que la bronchite chronique ?

**What is Chronic Bronchitis?**


Chronic bronchitis, ​also known as ‌**chronic obstructive bronchitis (COB)**, is a long-term inflammatory condition that affects the bronchi, the large airways ‍that carry air in and out of our ⁤lungs. It causes ⁤a persistent cough with wheezing ​or⁣ shortness of breath.


* Persistent cough that lasts for at⁤ least three months of the year, ⁢for two or more ⁣consecutive years

* Coughing up clear, colorless, or whitish mucus

* Wheezing⁢ or shortness ⁢of breath, especially during exertion


* **Smoking** (primary cause)

* Air pollution

* Occupational exposure to dust, fumes, ‌or gases

* Previous respiratory infections


* Repeated inflammation in the airways leads⁢ to **chronic swelling and irritation.**

* The ‌bronchi become⁢ thicker ​and produce⁤ more ‍mucus, which narrows the airways and makes it harder to breathe.

* Airflow becomes obstructed, leading to symptoms such‍ as coughing​ and shortness‌ of breath.


* **Exacerbations:** Sudden worsening of symptoms that require medical‌ attention

* **Lung infections:** ​Pneumonia, bronchitis, ⁤and influenza

* ​**Respiratory failure:** In severe cases, the body may not⁢ be able to get enough oxygen

* **Cardiovascular disease:** Increased risk due to inflammation and narrowed airways


*⁤ Physical examination and ​medical history

* Pulmonary function ‍tests (spirometry) to measure airflow

* Chest ⁣X-ray ⁣or CT scan to rule ⁤out⁤ other lung conditions


* **Medication:**

* Bronchodilators to open airways

* Inhaled steroids to reduce inflammation

* **Oxygen therapy:** For severe cases

* **Pulmonary rehabilitation:** To ⁣improve⁢ breathing and quality of ‌life

* **Lifestyle modifications:**

*⁢ Quitting smoking

⁣* Avoiding​ air pollutants

* Getting regular‌ exercise


* **Avoid smoking:** Smoking‌ is the leading cause of chronic‌ bronchitis.

* ‌**Reduce exposure to air pollution:** ‍Wear⁤ masks when necessary, stay⁤ indoors during peak pollution times.

*‍ **Get ​vaccinated:** Vaccinations against respiratory infections can reduce the risk of exacerbations.


Chronic bronchitis is a long-term condition that‌ cannot be cured, but it can be managed with proper⁣ treatment and ‍lifestyle changes. Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial to prevent complications and improve quality ‌of life.

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