Quels sont les signes de l'autisme ?

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**Q: What are the signs of Autism?**


Autism is a complex developmental condition⁢ that typically affects an individual’s social skills, communication, and ⁢behavior. ⁢The signs and symptoms of autism can vary significantly, but some common indicators include:

* **Social Interaction:**

* ​Difficulty‌ making eye contact

⁤* Challenges​ with social understanding and ⁣empathy

⁢ * Lack of⁢ interest in peers or social activities

* Difficulty sharing or requesting information

* **Communication:**

* Speech‍ delays‍ or atypical speech patterns (e.g., echolalia)

*⁤ Difficulty understanding or following conversations

* ⁣Nonverbal communication challenges

⁢ * Repetitive or ‌rigid language patterns

* **Behavior:**

⁤ ​ * Repetitive movements⁤ or stimming (e.g., hand flapping, toe walking)

⁤* Restricted or fixated interests

‌ * Sensory sensitivities to light, noise, or touch

* Difficulty transitioning or managing change

* Hyper- or ‍hypoactivity

* ⁣**Emotional Regulation:**

* Challenges expressing emotions appropriately

‌ * ‌Difficulty modulating anxiety or excitement

* Engage in repetitive self-soothing​ behaviors

It’s important to note that these signs and symptoms are not exclusive to autism, and‌ individuals may exhibit ⁣different​ combinations or ‌severities. Diagnosis of autism is​ typically made by a healthcare professional through observation and evaluation. If you are concerned‌ about potential autism signs in an⁤ individual, it’s ⁣recommended to ​seek ​professional‌ assessment for an accurate diagnosis.

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