Comment ajouter une entreprise à un médecin?

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**How to Add a Business to ADoctor**

**Question: How do I add ​my business to ADoctor?**

**Answer:** Follow ⁢these steps to add ​your healthcare business to ADoctor’s directory:

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* **Step 1: Create an Account**

* Visit ADoctor’s website ( and click “Healthcare Businesses” in the top menu.

‍* Click “Join Us” and create⁤ a free account by completing the online form.

* **Step 2: Add Your Business Information**

* Click “Add Listing”⁢ and select ⁣the “Business Listing” option.

* Provide detailed ⁣information about your‌ business, including:

⁣ * Name, address, phone number, ⁣and website

* Business category (e.g., Doctor’s Office, Dental Clinic)

* Specialty (e.g., Cardiology, Dentistry)

*⁤ **Step⁢ 3: Upload Photos and Videos**

* Showcase your business by uploading high-quality photos ​and‌ videos to give patients‌ a visual representation.

* Images should be clear, informative, and relevant to your⁢ services.

* **Step 4: Customize Your Page**

* Describe your business’s mission, values, and unique features.

* Highlight any special services or certifications you⁤ offer.

* Optimize your page with relevant keywords to ‌improve visibility in search results.

* **Step 5: Submit ‍for Approval**

* Once you have completed your listing, submit it for approval.

* ADoctor will review your information and approve your listing within 5 business days.

**Additional Tips:**

* **Provide Comprehensive Information:** Include ⁤detailed descriptions of your services, insurance accepted, and appointment information.

* **Use Clear and Concise Language:** Write your business description in a way that is easy for patients to understand.

* **Proofread Carefully:** Ensure that​ your listing is free of errors and that‌ all information is ⁢accurate⁣ and up-to-date.

* **Utilize Keywords:** Incorporate relevant keywords into your business description to enhance search engine visibility.

* **Monitor and Update Regularly:** Keep your listing updated with ⁣any changes in your‌ business information to provide‍ the most accurate representation⁤ to patients.

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  1. Haleydebuhr 1 day ago
    A Doctor is a platform for Doctors to connect with patients and build their practice through telemedicine:

  2. Judy_S 1 day ago

    Patients see the directory of doctors here: A Doctor provides a Google form for patients to submit their information to be added to their directory:

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