Qu'est-ce que la dengue ?

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**Question: What is Dengue Fever?**


Dengue fever, also⁤ known as breakbone fever, is a mosquito-borne viral infection that causes a ⁤range of symptoms, from mild to severe. It⁤ is caused by the dengue virus,⁤ which is transmitted through the bite of infected Aedes mosquitoes.

**Symptoms of⁢ Dengue Fever:**

* Sudden onset ‌of​ high fever (up to 105°F)

*‍ Severe headache

* Muscle and joint ‌pain‍ (especially in the ​back,⁤ legs, and behind the eyes)

* Nausea and vomiting

* Rash (typically appears 2-5 days after the onset of fever)

* Fatigue and weakness

* Bleeding (e.g., nosebleeds, gums)

**Severe Dengue Fever (Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever):**

In some‌ cases,⁣ dengue fever can progress to a more severe form⁢ known as dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF). ​DHF is characterized by:

* Severe bleeding

*⁤ Thrombocytopenia (low platelet ⁢count)

* Increased capillary permeability

*⁣ Leakage of‌ fluid from‌ blood vessels

* ‌Shock

**Transmission of Dengue Virus:**

The dengue virus is transmitted ⁣through the bite of an infected Aedes⁤ mosquito,⁣ which is found in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. The virus is not​ spread from​ person to person.

**Treatment of Dengue Fever:**

There is no ⁢specific cure for dengue fever. Treatment is supportive and aims ⁢to alleviate ‌symptoms and prevent complications. It may include:

* Rest

* Fluids

* Pain relievers

* Antipyretics (fever‌ reducers)

* Hospitalization may ⁣be necessary ⁣in severe cases

**Prevention of Dengue Fever:**

* Avoid mosquito ​bites⁤ by wearing long‍ sleeves and pants, ​using mosquito‍ repellents, and ⁣installing ‌mosquito ⁢nets.

* Eliminate ​breeding grounds ⁣for ​mosquitoes around your home by emptying ‍standing⁤ water in ⁤containers.

* Seek medical attention promptly if you⁣ suspect dengue fever.

**Additional Information:**

*⁤ Dengue fever‍ is ​a common infection in ‌many parts of the world, with millions of cases ⁣reported each year.

* It‌ is a potential health concern for travelers to endemic areas.

* There are four different serotypes of the dengue virus, and infection⁤ with one serotype does⁢ not provide ⁤immunity to the others.

* A vaccine is available for dengue fever, but it is not yet widely used ‌in‍ all endemic areas.

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