Qu'est-ce que la gonorrhée?

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**What ⁤is ‍Gonorrhoea?**

Gonorrhoea is a sexually transmitted infection (**_****_****_****_**)** caused by the bacteria **_****_****_****_****. It‍ affects the urethra, cervix, throat, and/or the **_****_**** in both men and women.

**Modes of Transmission**

Gonorrhoea is primarily spread​ through ⁤**_****_****_** (**_****_**, **_****_**, ‍or **_****_****_**). Contact with infected bodily fluids, such as semen, vaginal fluid, or pre-ejaculate, is the⁣ common route of transmission. Less commonly,‌ it can be transmitted during childbirth if ​the mother⁢ has ⁣gonorrhoea.


Symptoms of gonorrhoea can vary depending on the ⁣location of the infection.⁤ Common ⁤symptoms ⁢include:

*‍ **Urethra ⁢(men)**: Painful urination, frequent urination, and discharge

* **Cervix (women)**: Yellow‌ or greenish discharge,‍ pain during intercourse, or spotting

* **Throat**: Sore throat, cough, or ⁣swelling of the lymph nodes‍ in​ the neck

* **Rectum**: Discharge, itching, or pain

* **Generalized**: Fever, chills, or body ⁣aches


Gonorrhoea is diagnosed ​through a **_****_****_****_****_** (**_****_****_****_****_) or⁣ a Gram stain and culture ‍of a sample​ from the infected area. A urine test can also be used.


Gonorrhoea is treated with **_****_****, such as **_****_****_****_**** and **_****_****_****_****. Treatment is crucial to prevent complications such as **_****_****_****_****_**⁢ (**_****_****_****_****_), **_****_****_****_****_**, involuntary urination,⁤ or ​even **_****_**.


The most effective⁢ way ‌to prevent gonorrhoea is‌ to:

* Limit the number ‍of sexual partners

* Use **_****_****_****_****_** consistently during sexual⁤ activity

* Avoid sexual activity with anyone who‍ has symptoms ofgonorrhoea

*⁢ Get regular **_****_****_****_****_****_****_**

*​ Use **_****_****_****_**** if there is a‌ recent ​risk of exposure‍ to gonorrhoea

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