Qu'est-ce que l'application du système de fixation externe Uniplane/Multiplane : aperçu, avantages et résultats attendus

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## What is the Application of ⁤Uniplane/Multiplane External Fixation System?

External fixation is a preferred, safe, and effective method for managing orthopedic trauma due to its ability to provide rigid ‍fixation, minimally‌ invasive surgery, reduce risk of infection, and maintain precise control ⁢over⁣ the ‌fixation site. Uniplane/multiplane external fixation systems ‍are commonly used in orthopedic surgery⁣ and trauma management.

### Overview of Multiplane External Fixation System

Multiplane external fixation ​systems are engineered for‌ complex, rigid stabilization of fractures to the upper and lower ‍extremities. These ⁢systems use multiple ⁤pins and wires ⁢to hold multiple bones in their correct positions,⁢ allowing the patient to move and bear weight without compromising the fracture healing process.

Multiplane external fixation systems use a combination of ‍screws, clamps, rods, and other components⁢ to create a more robust and stable ‍construct than uniplane ⁢systems. These components⁢ are carefully placed and adjusted so that any movement of the ​fracture site is minimized and pressure is evenly distributed across the area.

### ‍Benefits of Multiplane External Fixation System

Multiplane external fixation systems provide many benefits for the patient‍ and for healthcare professionals.

-Reduced‌ Surgery Time: Multiplane external fixation systems require minimal surgical intervention⁢ for implantation, allowing for shorter anesthesia ‍and hospital stay times.

-Reduced Risk of Infection: By allowing for ‌minimal surgical intervention ⁣in ‍the implantation of the ‍fixation system, the risk ⁢of infection is reduced.

-Highly⁢ Versatile: Multiplane external ​fixation systems can be used in numerous applications for different types​ of fractures,⁣ including open fractures.

-Stabilizes Fracture ​Site: With the⁣ multiple components of ‌a multiplane system, any movement of the fracture site is minimized. This decreases the likelihood of additional trauma or damage to the affected area and promotes ​healing.

-Improved Patient Comfort:​ Multiplane instruments provide⁢ a more secure‌ and comfortable fixation construct for the ‌patient, allowing them to move freely and bear weight without pain or discomfort.

### Expected ⁢Results

The expected results ​of ⁣using a multiplane external fixation system vary depending ⁤on the severity of the fracture.⁣ Generally, in most ‍cases, the multiplane fixator successfully realigns the fracture site and ⁢enables healing to occur without ‍further complications. It also reduces any pain or discomfort the patient may ‍experience due to the fracture‍ site,​ allowing recovery to occur at a faster and more efficient ⁣rate.

In some‌ cases,​ a patient may require additional physical therapy or rehabilitation to ⁢regain full range of motion and functionality after the ⁤fracture healing process is complete. However, the use of a multiplane external fixation system does reduce the amount of additional intervention that may be necessary.

### ​Conclusion

Multiplane external ‌fixation systems are a​ safe,‍ effective, and minimally invasive method for managing complex fractures. ‍These systems provide many benefits, including decreased‍ risk ‍of infection, ⁢shorter surgery times, improved stability at the fracture site, and improved patient comfort. Multiplane external fixation systems enable a successful healing process with ⁣minimal complications and efficient​ recovery.
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