Qu'est-ce que la laryngite aiguë ?

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## What is Acute ‍Laryngitis?

Acute ⁣laryngitis, also known as laryngitis, is ‌a ⁢temporary inflammation or swelling of the mucous membranes that line ⁣the larynx (voice ‍box). ‌The ‌larynx is located at⁢ the⁤ top of the⁢ windpipe (trachea) and produces sound‍ during speech by vibrating the vocal cords.

**Causes of Acute Laryngitis:**

* Viral infections (common cold, flu)

*‌ Bacterial infections⁣ (Streptococcus pneumoniae,⁣ Haemophilus influenzae)

* Smoking or excessive alcohol consumption

* Vocal strain or overuse

* Allergies or irritants‍ (pollen, smoke, dust)

* Gastroesophageal reflux‌ disease (GERD)

**Symptoms of Acute Laryngitis:**

* Hoarseness or​ loss ​of voice

* Sore or ⁢scratchy throat

*​ Dry cough

* Pain ⁢or burning sensation in the throat

* Difficulty breathing or swallowing (severe cases)

## Diagnosis

Diagnosis of ​acute laryngitis is usually based on a physical⁣ examination of​ the larynx and a‍ review of symptoms.

## Treatment

Treatment for⁤ acute laryngitis focuses‌ on ⁤relieving symptoms ⁤and preventing complications:

* **Resting your voice:** Speaking or straining your​ voice can worsen‌ inflammation.

* **Staying hydrated:** Drinking plenty of fluids helps soothe the throat and thin mucus.

* ​**Managing pain:** Over-the-counter pain relievers, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, can relieve‍ throat pain.

* **Using cough drops:** Cough drops containing menthol or eucalyptus can help soothe the throat.

* **Taking antibiotics:** Antibiotics may ⁢be necessary if‌ a bacterial infection is suspected.

## Prevention

* Avoid smoking and excessive ‍alcohol consumption.

* Use your voice in moderation.

* Take regular breaks when speaking for extended periods.

* Treat allergies or irritants‌ that may trigger laryngitis.

* Manage GERD if it is ‌a contributing factor.

## When to See a Doctor

See a ​doctor ⁢if you experience:

* Severe or ⁣persistent hoarseness or loss of voice

* Difficulty breathing or ‍swallowing

* Fever

* Swollen or enlarged lymph nodes ‌in the neck

## ​Conclusion

Acute laryngitis is a ‌common condition characterized by inflammation of the larynx. It is usually caused by viral or bacterial⁢ infections, ‍but ‌can also ⁣be triggered by lifestyle factors such as smoking⁣ or vocal strain. With proper rest, hydration, and treatment, most⁤ cases of ⁤acute laryngitis resolve within a few days. However, seeking medical attention is important if symptoms ⁢are severe or persistent.

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