Qu'est-ce que la laryngite chronique ?

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**What is Chronic Laryngitis?**


Chronic laryngitis is a⁢ persistent inflammation⁤ of the larynx, commonly known as the⁣ voice box. ⁣It causes hoarseness, vocal fatigue, and other voice-related problems that last for more⁢ than three weeks.


* **Vocal abuse:** Excessive voice use, such as shouting, ⁢straining, or using incorrect vocal technique

* **Smoking:** Irritates the‍ larynx and damages vocal cords

* **Chronic acid reflux⁢ (GERD):** Stomach acids back up into the larynx, causing inflammation

* **Allergies:** Persistent ​exposure to allergens ⁣irritates the throat

* **Other‌ medical conditions:** Thyroid issues, vocal nodules, or vocal cord paralysis can contribute to laryngitis


* Hoarseness or loss of voice

* Vocal fatigue

* Dry, scratchy throat

* Pain or discomfort ​when talking

* Coughing or clearing of throat

* Sensation of lump in the throat


* Medical history and physical examination

* Laryngoscopy: Visual examination of the larynx using a flexible scope

* Other tests, such as a biopsy or vocal cord analysis, may be necessary for certain cases


* Vocal rest: Avoiding excessive talking or singing

* Voice therapy: Techniques to improve ‌vocal hygiene ⁤and reduce‌ vocal ⁢strain

* Medications: Anti-inflammatory drugs or ‍acid-blocking medications for GERD

* Surgical intervention: In rare cases, surgery may be necessary to​ remove vocal cord lesions or correct structural abnormalities


* ‌Practice proper vocal hygiene, including​ avoiding vocal abuse, using voice projection ‍techniques, and drinking⁢ plenty of fluids

* Quit smoking

* Manage GERD by limiting acidic foods and beverages

* Get regular ⁢ear, nose, and throat (ENT) check-ups


* Chronic laryngitis

* Hoarseness

* Vocal fatigue

* Larynx

* Vocal cords

* Vocal abuse

* Smoking


* Allergies

* Voice therapy

* Vocal hygiene

* Laryngoscopy

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