Qu'est-ce que l'AVC ischémique ?

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**Question: What is ‍an Ischemic Stroke?**


An ischemic stroke is a type of stroke caused by a blockage that interrupts blood flow to the⁤ brain. It occurs when an artery supplying blood ⁢to​ the brain becomes narrowed or blocked,⁢ depriving⁣ brain tissue of oxygen and nutrients.

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**Additional Information:**

**Symptoms of Ischemic Stroke:**

* Sudden weakness or numbness on one side of the body, including the‌ face, arm, or leg

*​ Difficulty speaking or understanding speech

* Confusion ​or disorientation

* Vision problems in one or both eyes

* Dizziness or loss of balance

**Causes of Ischemic Stroke:**

* Atherosclerosis (plaque⁤ buildup in arteries)

* Blood clots that form⁤ in the arteries of the brain

* Emboli (clots that⁤ travel to the‌ brain from other parts of ‌the body)

**Types of Ischemic⁣ Stroke:**

* ⁤**Thrombotic Stroke:** Caused by a‌ blood⁢ clot ⁢forming in an artery within the brain.

* **Embolic Stroke:** Caused by a blood clot that travels to the brain from‌ another part of⁣ the body, such as ​the heart or ⁣arteries in⁢ the neck.

**Diagnosis and Treatment of Ischemic Stroke:**

* Diagnosis⁣ involves a physical exam, imaging tests (e.g., ‍CT scan, MRI), ‍and blood tests.

* Treatment typically involves ​medication to dissolve the clot or open the blocked ​artery, and rehabilitation to help restore function.

**Prevention⁤ of⁤ Ischemic Stroke:**

* ​Managing⁣ underlying risk factors such as high blood pressure, high⁤ cholesterol, and diabetes

*⁢ Quitting smoking

* Maintaining a ⁣healthy diet and exercise regimen

* Monitoring‍ blood sugar levels ⁤and blood​ pressure

* Receiving appropriate vaccinations (e.g., flu shot) to prevent infection-related inflammation

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